In a society where the most economical choices typically entail some sacrifice in quality, it is difficult to credibly advertise anything as "inexpensive," "cost-effective," or the like without also causing the (oftentimes accurate) perception that the product or service is somehow of lesser quality and/or effectiveness.  At the same time, it has become downright cliché to advertise something as offering the "best of both worlds" — and in any event, these promises are so frequently dishonest that such a notion has become just about impossible to take seriously.  At Smith LLC, we think it is about time that the concept be reintroduced with the kind of sincerity and integrity that will can once again make it a claim worth trusting.  As we see it, "living  invincibly" need not be a luxury that must also entail "living in bankruptcy."

The legal profession is nothing if not old-fashioned.  While it has, in some ways, welcomed the use of technology to enhance efficiency and service while reducing client costs, in other ways it has ignored rather obvious opportunities to maximize these advantages to the benefit of the client. 

Consider, for example, the impact of technology on the necessity of keeping and maintaining a traditional business office.  The state of technology is currently sufficiently advanced such that any task that can be done in a traditional office can also be done from just about any other location equipped with a computer, printer, scanner, telecommunications device, and a supply of paper products.  Moreover, insofar as conference rooms or other similar facilities should become necessary in a particular matter, they can always be secured with relative ease — either free of charge or at a negligible cost.  Accordingly, the comparatively massive list of expenses associated with keeping and maintaining a traditional business office (monthly rent, furnishings, and so on and so forth) cannot be justified as anything other than unnecessary wastes of funds — costs which are inevitably passed on to the client in the form of higher fees.  Even the time needlessly wasted by each and every employee in commuting daily to and from the office — hours that can easily total in the hundreds each year per individual — represent significant inefficiencies that, if a business is to meet its earning objectives, must ultimately be passed on to its clients through higher-than-warranted fees.  Regardless of how focused any such business claims to be on client service, one cannot help but think that any truly client-focused service philosophy ought to also include a constant awareness and initiative regarding which, if any, business practices can be streamlined, or even eliminated altogether, in order to ultimately cause the client to be able to pay less for a product and/or service of equal (or possibly even greater) quality.  In this respect, Smith LLC is one of the few businesses that can legitimately substantiate such a tall claim.

The matters presented to us by our clients encompass a broad range of practice areas, including (though by no means limited to) the following:
Criminal Law (Corporate, Adult, or Juvenile Defendants) (State or Federal Court)
Misdemeanors (including DUI)
Summary Offenses (traffic & non-traffic)

Family Law (Plaintiff or Defendant)
Child Support (including collection of arrears)
Protection from Abuse (PFA)

Personal Injury Law (Plaintiff or Defendant)
Vehicle Accidents
Slip-and-Fall Injuries
Animal Bites
Medical Malpractice
Legal Malpractice
Assault and Battery
Defamation (Libel & Slander)
Products Liability
Wrongful Death

Administrative Law
Social Security Disability
Unemployment Compensation Appeals (Employer or Employee)
Driver's License (PennDOT) Actions (including License Restoration, Statutory Appeals) 

Employment Law (Plaintiff or Defendant)
Discrimination (Race, Sex, Religion, National Origin, Disability, Age, Sexual Orientation*)
Sexual Harassment (including Hostile Work Environment claims)
(* where permitted by law)   
Commercial Law
Contract Drafting
Contract Disputes
Incorporation (all types)
Shareholder Disputes
Regulatory Compliance (e.g., Permits, Licensing, Certification, Registration)
State or Federal Agency Inquiries
State or Federal Agency Enforcement Proceedings

Appellate Litigation (Federal & State Cases)
Traditional Appellate Representation
Amicus Curiae Representation
Discretionary Appeal Petitions (e.g., Allocatur)
Appeals from Judgments of Magisterial District Courts (i.e., Summary Appeals) 

Property Law (Plaintiff or Defendant)
Landlord/Tenant Disputes (Commercial & Residential)

Constitutional Law

Smith LLC is committed to protecting, defending, and fighting for recognition of the constitutional rights of individuals and groups insofar as such rights would be consistent with the original public meaning of the text of the United States (and/or Pennsylvania) Constitution. Accordingly, our decision to undertake (or not undertake) representation in a particular case will not, under any circumstance, take into consideration the political implications of an outcome favorable to a prospective client.       

In keeping with this pledge, Smith LLC also offers reduced cost representation to local and county governmental entities who have been sued in state or federal court for alleged constitutional violations, but are without sufficient monetary and/or other resources to fully and fairly defend against such claims.

In addition, Smith LLC provides advice and representation in several areas of law not typically handled by the vast majority of attorneys and firms.  They include:
Professional Ethics & Discipline
Bar Admission Inquiries and Proceedings
Attorney Disciplinary Inquiries and Proceedings

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