At Smith LLC, the practice of law is about only one thing: protecting our clients.  Because of the considerable diversity of circumstances in which we are called upon by our clients to act, we always know immediately how to best fulfill our protective role — whether as a sword, initiating a devastating offensive; as a shield, faithfully guarding our clients from any source seeking to do them harm; or even as both of these at once.  Fundamentally, we are litigators, always ready and willing to go to battle for our clients if they so desire.  However, we also believe that litigators can serve a critically important, yet much less recognized function: as a kind of "preventive maintenance" consultant, taking our clients by the hand and instructing them, down to the finest details, as to how to conduct their business operations and/or personal affairs in ways that will minimize or eliminate their exposure to liability, as well as maximize the likelihood of a successful outcome in the limited instances where litigation does ultimately occur.  In short, our sole objective at Smith LLC is to allow our clients the freedom to "LIVE INVINCIBLY."

It is well-known (especially by their clients) that large law firms charge fees that are outrageously high.  To attempt to justify this price tag, such firms claim to provide "value-added" legal services — meaning that they are able to provide the full panoply of legal services to their clients exclusively within their own firm.  In other words, they act as a "one-stop shop" for virtually any aspect of a particular legal matter.  Most small and mid-sized law practices simply do not possess the knowledge, competence, initiative, creativity, or commitment to properly handle such matters from start to finish, historically leaving prospective clients little choice but to resign themselves to paying the aforementioned exorbitant premiums for the value-added legal services they require. 

Smith LLC, however, presents these individuals and organizations with a superior option: the same elite-caliber, value-added legal services at a fraction of the cost.  It may not seem possible, but at Smith LLC, we are indeed the "real deal" — both figuratively as well as literally.  To be sure, even lawyers at the priciest law firms — most of whom have multiple decades of practice experience — have admitted that our work product is among the best they have ever seen.  While, of course, we always appreciate such complimentary assessments, they do not come as any surprise to us simply because we would not have it any other way.   

Our clients rest easy with their choice of legal counsel knowing that we are never outmatched.  Ever.  Perhaps the only thing that could be better than this intangible sense of security is a far more tangible benefit: still having money left in the bank to rest easy with.      

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